Kenmont is Closed for the Season

Covid Rules


  • These supplemental COVID-19 rules and regulations do not contemplate every possible situation or scenario.  The primary purpose is to provide guidance regarding the anticipated limited access to Kenmont during this season to meet state and county requirements.
  • Members must follow all posted signs, policies and directives.
  • Rules will change as state and county requirements develop.  Please be flexible.
  • Lifeguards are rescuers.  They are at the pool to supervise the safety of swimmers.  Lifeguard are not there to enforce social distancing rules.
  • Do not come to Kenmont if you are sick.


Golden Rule:  Wear your face coverings and maintain social distancing.


  • Access to Kenmont will be restricted to members in good standing who have reserved a time slot in advance.  The Board will provide guidance regarding the specific registration process and the number of available slots as soon as practicable.
  • No unaccompanied children under 14 years of age.
  • No guest will be allowed.
  • Members must sign up in advance for a time slot before accessing Kenmont.  There will be no “walk-up” access privileges.
  • Members will need their keyfob/tages to access Kenmont.
  • A reserved slot entitles members to enjoy any of the facilities that are open at Kenmont.
  • Slots cannot be traded, shared or otherwise exchanged.  There are no anticipated accommodations if inclement weather or other circumstances prevent or curtail access.
  • Members must follow all check-in procedures, entrance and exit policies to maintain appropriate social distancing.  Face coverings must be worn while waiting to check-in for access to the pool.  Please see the posted “Physical Distancing Map.


  • Members must wear face coverings while moving about Kenmont.  Members are not required to wear face coverings while sunbathing or sitting six feet away from non-family members.  Members are not to wear face coverings while in the pool.
  • Members must observe all social distancing directives and policies to include, at a minimum, maintaining at least six feet distance from all non-family members.
  • The number of swimmers permitted in a lap lane will be limited.  The Board will provide guidance regarding the specific number process as soon as practicable.
  • All lap lanes are for lap swimming.
  • When the main pool is open for general use, appropriate social distancing must be observed.
  • The following facilities and areas will be closed: Club house (*bathrooms will be open and the water fountain will be available); Playground and playground equipment; Volleyball court;Tether ball court; and Baby pool and surrounding deck.
  • The following equipment will be unavailable: Picnic tables; Grills; Pool deck furniture (*there will be limited umbrellas); Ping-pong and foosball; and Water basket-ball hoop.
  • Bathrooms will be open, but entrance will be restricted to the lower level and subject to one-way traffic flow.  Directional signs will be posted.  Bathrooms will be sanitized each evening after closing.
  • There will be no large swim games in the main pool well, e.g., beaver, or Sunday Raft Night.
  • There will be no Kenmont organized social events, e.g., July Fourth picnic.
  • In the event that the pool and pool deck must be cleared for inclement weather or other circumstances, members must leave the Kenmont facility.  An “all clear” flag or similar notification will be displayed at the gate shack when the pool is open for swimming.


  • Members must leave Kenmont promptly when their time slot expires.  Guards will sound a whistle before the end of the time slot. Members are then expected to gather their belongings in preparation to leave Kenmont.
  • There is no lost-and-found.  Belongings left behind will be thrown away.